On Being Tired and How to Wake Yourself the F Up

I intended on writing a completely different post for today. Likely because I intended to be in a completely different mindset while writing. But I did not and I am not. All I am is tired. Tired. Tired. Tired.

(I’m sure you know exactly what I mean!)

We all reach this point — sometimes once a week, once a month, every few months, or for the really lucky ones, once a year (and for these folks I wonder if they are just way too f’ing busy to even notice they are tired).

Some of us reach this tired point more frequently, some less — it all depends on our physical and mental health, current life circumstances, and the ways in which we are using our energy, among other factors.

Each person’s tiredness is not quite like another’s since we arrive at this state in various ways. And so, we should not compare our own tiredness to someone else’s. No point in judging those around you or comparing yourself to others.

Feel compassion for your fellow tired companions — we are all in this messy, confusing and inspiring thing called life together.

Remember: we’ve all been here, and know how it feels once we are here.

It doesn’t feel that bad and it doesn’t feel that good. Just kinda so-so. Meh.

So what to do? Well, we have a few options:

  • Keep being tired and live in a perpetual tired-cycle (eek!).
  • Get a shot of adrenaline and perk up real nice until you crash (eek again!).
  • Figure out why you’re feeling tired and sluggish and determine small steps you can take to gradually wake yourself up (seems like a good option!).
  • [Insert options to your contentment here.]

I will focus on option number three — the “figuring it all out” part. I know, I know — just thinking about that makes you tired…I know how that goes!

But let me break it down into three very simple steps and maybe by the end you’ll feel more refreshed!

Let’s go:

  1. Take your energy temperature identify what has changed around you. If yesterday or last week you had more energy, why not today? What is different? Have you been out-and-about more than usual? Had more meetings than you would have liked? Have you not chatted with enough people? Do you need more face-time? Less? Are there other factors at play? The type of food you’ve been eating or not eating? Etc. Etc. Etc.
  2. Discover how to re-balance yourself — this will depend on your answer(s) to the first step. For example, if you had too much face-time last week, then you likely need some one-on-one with yours truly (i.e. some good ole “me” time). Or, if you had too little face-time, perhaps you need to get yourself out there and scout out some good conversations, even if it’s with your Starbucks barista or friendly banking associate. By determining where there’s a gap in your energy cycle, you’ll be better able to figure out where and what you need to re-balance yourself. (I sound like a hippie right now, don’t I?)
  3. Go! Do something! Or do nothing! — just do what YOU gotta do. Practice self-care to reinvigorate your mood. Just be honest with yourself — do you need to do more to regain some semblance of balance and energy, or do you need to do less? Whatever it is — just f’ing do it. Ignore the guilt tugging at your heart and screaming in your ears — you’re not that great to anyone or yourself until you get back your energy. Do something or nothing — whatever you need — and your mind and your body (and maybe some folks around you) will thank you.

With this simple list of three I’m not asking or expecting you, dear reader, to paint an f’ing masterpiece or write a gorgeous symphony or even finish that report that’s lying idle on your desk. Nope, none of that.

All I’m saying is to just try on the darn shoe and see what fits, then take a step — be in the moment and move yourself on forward.

In conclusion, I am still somewhat tired (it is late on a Tuesday that I am writing this anyhow…), but I am also a little bit more awake, more refreshed. Perhaps you are too.

We will weather this gloomy cloud of tiredness together, friend!

Just keep on moving (or stay the f still) and things will start to realign themselves within you and the world around you.

Have faith. Have hope. And for f sakes — take care of yourself!

Ciao bella,


P.S. Some parting food for thought from poet Charles Bukowski: “The tired sunsets and the tired / people — / it takes a lifetime to die and / no time at / all.”

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Feature photo credit: Fuzzy Napping / KP

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